SJK International provides top-quality financial, medical, article, public relations, and
technical translations. We also offer a complete set of localization
services including visual media translations and multilingual DTP services.

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Native Check Service

Professional proofreading skills bring your draft translations to publication level.

SJK International’s native check service is led by native proofreaders who have at least 5 years proofreading experience. Our native checkers not only ensure accuracy and flow, but also check for awkward expressions and coherence while referring to a guideline established for the relevant field. We provide two native check services: We can compare the translated text with the original text, or we can check the translated text only. Many clients use this service for proofreading academic articles and draft versions of translated documents.

Service Characteristics

1. Superior Quality
  • Our native check service involves at least two levels of checking: proofreading and review.
  • We will diligently check each phrase and jargon used in our translation, so that they are appropriate for use in the target region and adhere strictly to the guidelines.
  • All projects are submitted ready-to-use.
  • For highly specialized articles, a native speaker with a PhD in the relevant field proofreads.
2. Services Available in a Variety of Data Formats
  • We work with various applications, including Adobe in Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Microsoft Office.
  • You can also use this service to check its appearance before releasing it onto your website, or for debugging of applications and games.
3.Speedy Submission
  • A designated coordinator will be in charge of your project from start to finish, to ensure smooth progression and a strict adherence to the deadline.
  • We can also provide services for projects with urgent deadlines.
  • We have a special service for fixed long-term projects, for both paper based and media based projects, which means an update can be submitted in 24 to 36 hour intervals.
4. A Strict Confidentiality System
  • We work under a strict confidentiality policy, ensuring that your information and documents will be handled appropriately and safely.
  • All our staff sign a confidentiality agreement, so rest assured that your information and documents will not be leaked to those outside of the agreement.
  • We can sign a separate confidentiality agreement if you require.
  • Data can also be password protected upon request.
5. After-sales Service for a Worry-Free Experience
  • If required, a thorough check of the layout and content seen on the completed website can be carried out pre-release.
  • Our management of translation projects allows us to achieve uniformity when you add content to, or renew, your website in a timely manner.
  • During the review period you are able to request amendments free of charge.

Application Usage and Achievements

  • Native Check for Treatise
  • Check That Draft Translated Text Fits with Guideline
  • Check for Coherence Between Related Documents and Systems as Translated by Different People
  • Final Check and Confirmation of Application and Game Translations
  • Final Check and Proofreading of a Book Before Publication
  • Final Brush-up of Pamphlets and Company Profiles

Applications We Can Work With

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Acrobat Distiller
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher