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Real-Estate Translation

SJK International’s Real-Estate Translation Service provides high-quality translations of various materials and documents related to corporate/individual real estate transactions and investments. With this service, all documents will be translated by specialized translators whom are experts in the real estate and financial industries, and will be proofread by staff with Japanese/US attorney qualifications. We highly recommend our real-estate translation service for translations of documents related to your important transactions.

Our Service Characteristics

1. Proofreading by staff with attorney qualifications
  • Documents related to real-estate contracts are translated/proofread by staff with attorney qualifications.
  • Normally the documents will go through a double-check process of proofreading and revision.
2. Speedy Submission
  • A designated coordinator will be in charge of your project from start to finish, to ensure smooth progression and a strict adherence to the deadline.
  • We can also provide services for projects with urgent deadlines.
3. Translators with Expertise
  • Translators/proofreaders with thorough experience in the real-estate industry and with more than 5 years of translation experience will handle all translations.
  • You can specify a translator for long-term projects.
4. Confidentiality System
  • We work under a strict confidentiality policy, ensuring that your information and documents will be handled appropriately and safely.
  • All our staff sign a confidentiality agreement, so you can rest assured that your information and documents will not be leaked to those outside of the agreement.
  • We can sign a separate confidentiality agreement if you require.
  • Data can also be password protected upon request.

Available Services

  • Real Estate Transaction Contract
  • Building Lease Contract
  • Land/building Registry
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Certificate of Real Estate Registered Matters
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Real Estate Purchase Application
  • Open Selling Agency Agreement
  • Certificate of Valuation of Fixed Assets
  • Construction Housing Performance Appraisal
  • Design Housing Performance Appraisal
  • Roadside Land Prices Analysis Report
  • Group Credit Life Insurance Agreement
  • Real Estate Mortgage Loan Agreement
  • Real Estate Development Company Annual Report
  • Building Environmental Plan
  • Commercial Facility Development Plan
  • Pamphlets for Commercial Facility Tenants
  • Company Overview for Real Estate Development Consulting Company
  • Real Estate Sales Materials for Overseas Investors
  • Apartment Sales Ads
  • Real Estate Sales Seminar Materials for Overseas Investors
  • US Reverse Mortgage Market Analysis Report
  • Hong Kong Real Estate Market Report
  • London Real Estate Rent Market Report
  • US REIT Quarterly Management Report
  • Transition of US Major Cities New Real Estate Property Supply Ratio
  • US REIT Prospectus
  • US Real Estate Investment Management Company Pamphlet
  • Listed Real Estate Investment Apparatus Company Overview
  • J-REIT Management Report
  • Asset Management and Investment Analysis for US REIT
  • US Real Estate Appraisal Report
  • US Rights Defect Insurance
  • US Real Estate Inspection Report
  • US Commercial Real Estate Financial Forecast Analysis Report
  • US Real Estate Vacancy Rate / Rent Transition Report

For this, we deal with translations of a variety of real-estate related documents.

Available Translation Areas

  • Law Firm
  • Real Estate Sales Company
  • Real Estate Development Consulting Company
  • Real Estate Development Company
  • Construction Company
  • Real Estate Management Company
  • Real Estate Investment Management Company
  • Bank
  • Trust Bank
  • Listed Real Estate Investment Juridical Persons
  • Real Estate Investment Fund

We have many individual and corporate clients that execute other real estate transactions.