SJK International provides top-quality financial, medical, article, public relations, and
technical translations. We also offer a complete set of localization
services including visual media translations and multilingual DTP services.

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Patent Translations

Our team of translators at SJK International have an abundance of experience in both domestic and international patent firms and are ready to support you in your patent translation needs.

Accurate translations, correct use of technical terminology, and a thorough understanding of the region in which the patent will take effect are indispensable. Our translators with experience in applications and acquisition of rights will support you so that your domestic or international patent applications will be processed and screened more smoothly by placing your application as a title deed.

Our translation services are not limited to the main languages used for journals and documents, but also include a wide range of languages such as Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, and Asian languages.

Look no further than SJK International for all your intellectual property strategy support.

Our Service Characteristics

1. Superior Quality
  • As we treat your patent application documents as your “title deeds,” we transfer the meaning and essence of the original text accurately and diligently, while adapting its style to the target language and region instead of simply translating literally.
2. Suitable Project Management
  • The project coordinator will work closely with you and in cooperation with a specialized translator and native proofreader to ensure the smooth running of the project.
  • We can also provide services for projects with urgent deadlines.
3. Translators with Expertise
  • Our translators, checkers, and proofreaders have a wealth of experience in the field, with at least five years of translating experience.
  • Our proofreaders have experience in patents and patent applications
4. Confidentiality System
  • We work under a strict confidentiality policy, ensuring that your information and documents will be handled appropriately and safely.
  • All our staff sign a confidentiality agreement, so you can rest assured that your information and documents will not be leaked to those outside of the agreement.
  • We can sign a separate confidentiality agreement if you require.
  • Data can also be password protected upon request.

Available Services

  • Patent Specifications
  • Written Expert Opinion for Patents
  • Publication of Applications and Patent Literature
  • Intermediate Process Documents
  • Priority Documents
  • Trademark Transcripts and Designs
  • Related Legal Documents
  • Technical Documents
  • Abstracts

We also translate other patent related documents.

Available Translation Areas

  • Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Machinery and Processors
  • Semiconductors
  • Iron and Steel, Metals, and Automobiles
  • Medical Science and Biotechnology
  • Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
  • Sciences