SJK International provides top-quality financial, medical, article, public relations, and
technical translations. We also offer a complete set of localization
services including visual media translations and multilingual DTP services.

+81-3-6407-9681Reception hours: Weekdays 9:30 - 18:00
(not available on weekends,
public holidays, and the New Year period)

Manual and Technical Translations

Our manual and technical translation teams consists of translators with expertise in various fields and at least 5 years experience in translation.

With the implementation of a translation support system, we are able to streamline our translation management, enhance quality, improve cost efficiency, and realize speedier submission.

We ensure that our services are in line with the guidelines and customs of the target regions, and our final product is always in a ready-to-use condition.

Trust us with your manual and technical translation needs.

Our Service Characteristics

1. Superior Quality
  • As part of our standard practice, proofreading and double checking are carried out before submission.
  • We ensure the appropriate use of correct terminology, phrases, and localized language in line with received guidelines.
  • All services and projects are submitted ready-to-use.
2. Speedy Submission
  • A designated coordinator will be in charge of your project from start to finish, to ensure smooth progression and a strict adherence to the deadline.
  • We can also provide services for projects with urgent deadlines.
3. Translators with Expertise
  • Our translators, checkers, and proofreaders have a wealth of experience in the fields corresponding to your projects, with at least five years of translating experience.
  • You can specify a translator for long-term projects.
4. Confidentiality System
  • We work under a strict confidentiality policy, ensuring that your information and documents will be handled appropriately and safely.
  • All our staff sign a confidentiality agreement, so you can rest assured that your information and documents will not be leaked to those outside of the agreement.
  • We can sign a separate confidentiality agreement if you require.
  • Data can also be password protected upon request.

Available Services

  • Manuals (manufactured goods, maintenance, service process, sales, operations, etc.)
  • User Manuals
  • Specifications
  • Design Specifications
  • Operating Procedure Manual, Installation Procedures, and Configuration Procedures
  • Instruction Material for E-learning etc.
  • Catalogues and Pamphlets
  • Technical Reports

We also translate other technical documents.

Available Translation Areas

  • Industrial Equipment and Precision Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • IT, Computer, and Information Communication
  • Industrial Products
  • Applications
  • Environment and Energy
  • Construction, Civil Engineering, and Real Estate
  • Automobiles, Aircraft and Ships