SJK International provides top-quality financial, medical, article, public relations, and
technical translations. We also offer a complete set of localization
services including visual media translations and multilingual DTP services.

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(not available on weekends,
public holidays, and the New Year period)

Privacy Policy

As part of our provision of translation related services, SJK International (hereinafter we/us) complies with a privacy policy. The following principles have been established for our compliance to legal requirements and other criteria.

Privacy Policy

  • We will be clear about the purpose of using your personal information, and will only use your personal information for that purpose. Your information will only be used for other purposes if you give us your consent.
  • Except for cases where information is requested by the court or other public institutions which are given authority by law, information we collect from you will not be released to a third party without your consent.
  • If you require your personal information to be released, revised, or removed, we will do our best to act within a reasonable period of time.
  • Your personal information we collect is carefully managed and stored. We have high security in place to ensure that your information will not be unduly accessed, lost, destroyed, falsified, or leaked.
  • We are continually improving the operation of all measures that involve the handling of your personal information.